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It was January 22 in 1988. In a Culture House ROH in Trnava, Slovakia, a group of fans of choir singing was gathered. Even after 4 (or more) years biological clock didn’t stop notifying the “cantica’s” Friday full of singing and fun. Well, they decided to remind themselves again the good old times. The era of new Trnava’s mixed choir – the choir TIRNAVIA has started. Gabo and Dano surely mainly contributed the realization of a thought about foundation of the choir. But many others were helping as well, mainly an organizational board, the singers themselves and the last but not the least the establisher. He provided not only the rooms, but he granted the clothes, as well as purchase of necessary technical equipment. PaedDr. (Master of Pedagogy) Gabriel Kalapos became a conductor of the choir.

The choir: TIRNAVIA
Foundation: January 22 1988
Founders of the choir: - PaedDr. Gabriel Kalapoš - Ing. Daniel Vopát
Organizational board: - Gabriel Kalapoš - Daniel Vopát - Ľubica Gabrišková - Jana Mackovčínová - Jozef Strakoš
Establisher: Culture House in Trnava, Slovakia

The beginnings were difficult. I remember that I had problems with the orientation in the labyrinth of the Culture House. At first I went one more floor up, then one more floor down – everything looked alike. On the right floor I was fighting with doors that looked like open, but you had to push more and moreover the correct half of them. Well, then I rather went to a toilet with other boys not to be lost again. As I am saying, the beginnings were difficult, but I got used to it.